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Here She Comes Arwin


f: Renea´s Rocket Star Man
m: Easy To Love Her Arwin
owner: Lucie Vankova, CZ


*** *** 7 months 5 months 5 months
3 months 3 months 2,5 months 63 days 59 days
46 days 46 days 46 days 44 days 44 days
44 days 38 days 31 days 31 days 31 days
23 days 23 days 23 days 10 days 10 days
Renea´s Rocket Star Man Flashpoints Cosmic Ray Motif´s Chance For Justice Flashpoints Justice For All
Polser´s Trace Of Rudy
Flashpoints The Cat's Meow Sunwoods Congressman
Roobarb's Hot Diggity
Renea's Ringo's Star Renea's Ringo Renea's Rocky of Flashpoint
Renea's Hoppie Jo
Renea's Monica Renea's Riptide
Renea's Remarkable Reba
Easy To Love Her Arwin Dennis Bosčert Noell´s Blackwater Game-O-Chance Noell´s If U´Re Rich I´m Single
Domino Candise
Bret Hanapa Aris Jakub-Terra CS
Bianca Klar-Kan CS
Brown Sugar Arwin Juillermo vom Vagabunden Ny´s High Roller of Rodonna
Esperanza vom Vagabunden
Dew Cherry od Půlnočního slunce Cabanterra Orlando
Angel Sheena od Půlnočního slunce


© Arwin - Kristýna Hrdličková, +420 739 053959, arwin@seznam.cz