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"T" Arwin

* 1.4.2022
1 male / 1 female
Absolutely Charming Kamil No One But You Arwin

patella 0/0 patella 0/0

heart clear

eye test clear

Tango Twist Arwin Tornado Lou Arwin
male female
9 weeks
8 weeks
6 weeks
4 weeks
3 weeks
2 weeks
1 week
Absolutely Charming Kamil Iowana EQ Cowboy´s Last Stand at Mt Kennedy´s Rhinestone Cowboy At Mtnview Kennedy´s Pucker up for Donmar
Garnet Rock Rain on me for Kennedy
Iowana´s Diamonds Are Forever EQ Touch of Rembrandt
Iowana´s Deja-vu Black N´Gold Diamond
Absolutely Charming All I Need Campbell Clan´s Smooth Criminal Sunwood Lamburgini
Campbell Clan´s Love In The First Degree
Carla Ewradem Boston Style Calisto and His Magic Charm
Kima Kato Perla Brzeszcz
No One But You Arwin Bright&Brindle´s In It To Win It Mtnviews He´s The Bees Knees Kennedy´s Rhinestone Cowboy At Mtnv
Kennedy´s Second Times A Charm Mtv
Bright&Brindle´s Top Of The Line Bright&Brindle´s Eternal Flame
Charisma´s Joy At Bright&Brindle´s
Key To My Heart Arwin Jabo´s Golden Jack Sparrow Jabo´s Jack of Hearts
Jabo´s Wings to Fly
Easy To Love Her Arwin Dennis Bosčert
Brown Sugar Arwin

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